Noir puzzle platformer RENOIR now available on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Czech Republic-based #SoulboundGames has launched the Kickstarter for RENOIR. A story-driven 2.5D #puzzle platformer for #Linux, Mac, Windows PC, that draws a deep inspiration from the film noir genre, a classic Hollywood crime dramas from the 1940s and 50s. The mission of former police detective James Renoir, now a private detective with a dark knot of a past struggling to stay afloat in a city sunk to the floor by crime and corruption. Making his living doing the only thing he knows: investigating, digging and exposing.

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Private detective James Renoir is investigating his final case, during which he must “overcome his past” in a “city saturated with fear and corruption.” But there is one thing that aids him. In order to solve a whole myriad of different environmental puzzles, Renoir can call upon a new ability — at the site of any violent crime or fatal accident, Renoir can use the souls of the victims to help him.

Only problem though, he is dead.


Example of Renoir gameplay video:

  • Renoir is on the crime scene with two victims and his path is blocked by lights and steam from an exhaust pipe.
  • The player can temporarily embody the first victim, which can be controlled the same way as Renoir. He can climb the ladder, pass through the window light (unlike Renoir, victims may be exposed to light for a limited amount of time), drop down the ladder and ultimately turn off the light. All performed actions are preserved in the exact order and timing in which they were executed.
  • When controlling the second victim, preserved actions of the first one are automatically replayed and the player can use this fact to his advantage. He can wait until the previously controlled victim switches off the light, then he climbs up the dropped ladder, jumps through the light (due to the fact he did not pass the first light), closes the valve which will result in shutting off the flow of the steam. All these actions are preserved.
  • Finally, the player can take control of Renoir again and replay all previous actions together. If done right, the path will be cleared for Renoir so that he can move on.

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Currently in development using Unreal Engine 4, the independent developer Soulbound Games is seeking $61,279, which already gained a fair bit of traction within 24 hours: 371 backers have donated $8747 toward the project, which has 26 days left to go.

Check out the RENOIR Kickstarter to find out more details, seeing the studio has posted tons of information on the title.

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