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Noosphere horror puzzle due to see support

noosphere horror puzzle games due to see support for linux with mac and windows pc

Noosphere horror puzzle games due to see support for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer KOEX studio. Gearing up for a release onto Steam this week.

Noosphere is a first person psychological horror puzzle game about ‘Personalities’. The games development is due to offer the player a deeply immersive experience. One that is due to get your heart racing with the gripping soundtrack. Which you can see first hand from the trailer below.

Reaching out to developer KOEX studio, they have plans to expand platform support. After asking about Linux specifically, stating, “yes I think it’s [Linux] possible but first we need to take care of some bugs.”
The game engine being used for Noosphere is Unity 3D. Which is due to make porting easier. However, chances are we will not have a day one release, but a post launch port instead. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the weird trailer.

Noosphere Official Steam Release Trailer

The Noosphere story follows Vincent, who survived a car accident. But only to find out that another entity is living within him. Due to offering a chilling adventure, as he figures out what it is that haunts him.

Vincent Martin uses futuristic technology to dive into his subconscious. So he builds a machine and called it ‘The Noosphere’. The term stands for the mind and consciousness. This way he can confront the ghost entity that has been living in him since the car accident. A story driven game with elements of puzzles, horror, and a surprise.

Also note, the story contains nudity. Just in case you are easily offended.


  • Story driven game with challenging puzzles
  • A theme on ‘Personalities’
  • Mysteries and uncovering the truth

Noosphere the horror puzzle games Steam release is on July 22nd. Offering support for Mac and Windows PC. But following a few bug fixes, we will have a native Linux build as well. Should you have what it takes to delve into the consciousness of Vincent Martin.

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