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NoReload Heroes co-op roguelike coming soon

noreload heroes co-op roguelike coming soon to widnows and linux games

NoReload Heroes co-op roguelike coming soon to Steam for Windows, but also a Linux build?
So according Stupid Stupid Games, NoReload Heroes will release very soon. Since it will be featured at Square Enix Collective, launching April 27th, 2018.

NoReload Heroes is an easy-to-learn, online and offline, co-op shooter for 2-4 players. Players progress by clearing randomly generated rooms. All full of various types of enemies. And for this you receive experience and new weapons.

Linux release:

“We use Unity, so Linux port shouldn’t be too hard – still, it does require some work and a lot of testing. So I cannot make promises, but if NRH turns out to be a success. We’ll definitely consider a Linux port.”

NoReload Heroes Official Trailer (Windows, then later Linux)

The games is a colourful, hilariously chaotic party shooter. Which also aims to make you laugh out loud and scream at your friends. It’s a co-op for up to 4 people. So this is both local and online, coming with matchmaking and hot join.

NoReload Heroes is set for conversation with a design for social situations. Such like parties and game nights. It’s easy to learn, but has enough depth and detail to keep even the seasoned gamer interested. It doesn’t matter if team members are of different skill levels. Since the ever-dying noob can be revive multiple time, endlessly, unless everybody dies. Thanks to the roguelike-style permadeath, you have to work as a team to stay alive, or it’s back to the bottom floor with you.

So NoReload Heroes gameplay is all about having fun together – to the point where you even level up together. You get two random options. And you vote for your favourite upgrade. To give you a different gameplay experience every time. NoReload Heroes has randomly generated levels, 70+ unique magitech weapons, three bosses and 43 enemy types. You cannot possibly meet all of them in one session!

A Co-op Roguelike coming to Steam:

NoReload Heroes is coming soon to Steam on April 27th for Windows. So Wishlist on Steam for Linux support.

The studio behind the gameplay is Stupid Stupid Games. A young Finnish indie company of 9 people. The game design philosophy of Stupid Stupid Games is “happy together”. Since this is about people having fun with their friends and families.

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