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Norsca Race Pack DLC release date for Linux

norsca race pack dlc release for total war: warhammer linux mac windows games

Fanatical servants of the Dark Gods, the Norscans will stop at nothing to please their bloodthirsty deities. Heed their call and pre-order the Norsca Race Pack DLC will release August 24th, from the Feral Store and Steam already available for Windows.

30 free Elite Units are also coming to fortify the Race-rosters of the Beastmen, Bretonnians, Chaos Warriors, Wood Elves, and Norscans. The Elite Units will be available for Total War: WARHAMMER on Steam through Total War Access (registration required). To inspect them before battle.

Since Feral Interactive have the sizeable announcement for the Norsca Race Pack. Published by SEGA on Windows PC since the games originally developed by Creative Assembly. While also in partnership with Games Workshop. Total War WARHAMMER is a game of grand strategy and high fantasy. While brought to Linux and Mac by Feral Interactive.

In the frigid Norsca peninsula, barbaric tribes survive by hunting wild beasts and pillaging their neighbours. Hardened by the relentless storms that scour this bitter wilderness, the Norscans exist only to lay waste to weaker peoples. Fanatical servants of the Dark Gods, they will stop at nothing to please their bloodthirsty deities with relentless conquest.

Total War: WARHAMMER – Norsca Race Pack:

  • Conquer the Old World as the marauding tribes of Norsca and Wintertooth
  • Two new Legendary Lords: Wulfrik the Wanderer and Throgg
  • Recruit Norscan Lords with deep-specialisation skill trees
  • Recruit three new Hero types with deep-specialisation skill trees
  • Entreat the dark gods for mighty rewards!
  • Hunt the mightiest monsters of the Old World and tame them to your cause
  • Massive new roster with unique monstrous units including War Mammoths and Frost-Wyrms
  • Slow your foes with the chilling Frostbite combat ability
  • Tear through your enemies with new Rage and Berserk abilities

So pre-order the Norsca Race Pack DLC. Since the release is expected on August 24th. from the Feral Store and Steam for Windows right now.

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