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Norse Lands demo out for Kingdom Two Crowns

norse lands game demo out for kingdom two crowns with a full release for linux mac windows pc

Norse Lands game demo out for Kingdom Two Crowns with the full release coming Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Stumpy Squid and Fury Studios. Due to make a debut on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Raw Fury, the bearded indie publisher from Sweden, and developer Stumpy 🐙 Squid are eager to announce details. Since they are gearing up for the release of Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands. This is also the first premium DLC in the history of the Kingdom game series. All due to arrive on November 16th.
With Norse Lands, the world of the award-winning Kingdom Two Crowns will expand the base game. Doing so across Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Plus there is also a free Linux demo is already available on Steam.

Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands | Become the Jarl of Legends

Heavily inspired by Norse culture and mythology, Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands is a full new campaign. Which also expands the world of Kingdom Two Crowns with a brand new setting and unique challenges. In Norse Lands, you’ll not only establish a kingdom, defend it, explore the world, and conquer. But you will also unleash abilities drawn upon from Norse gods. Since this will be needed to face a new and powerful enemy. Then you’ll have to solve challenging puzzles. Building Viking-inspired arms and command mighty Norse units.


  • Sit atop mighty Norse steeds and wield the powers of the Norse gods themselves.
  • New units such as the mighty Berserker and an extraordinary warrior. One who defends the kingdom and pushes back greed at all costs with a shield in hand in Norse Lands.
  • To Valhalla! Defend the lands and fight to the end with peasants, vanguards, farmers, archers, and builders.
  • New weather effects reflect the harsh north. Experience both the beauty and unforgiving nature of the Nordic lands and feel the cold winters to the core.
  • New enemies in the form of a new breed of greed are waiting to be defeated in the Norse Lands.

Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands, the first premium DLC for Kingdom Two Crowns. This also includes many new features and upgrades. Such as new puzzles, challenges, and graphics. The scope of DLC will engage both experienced Kingdom players and newcomers alike.

Future Vikings who want to take a first look at Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands. Well, you can try out the free demo on Steam (Linux and Windows PC). The full release will be available across all three platforms. Due to arrive on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Although Linux support is not listed on GOG.

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