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Northern Europe DLC releases for Railway Empire

northern europe dlc releases for railway empire on linux windows pc

Northern Europe DLC releases for Railway Empire releases for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Gaming Minds Studios. Available on Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam. Along with a launch week discount.

Railway Empire heads to Northern Europe. The latest DLC will help the Swedish Parliament. So it’s u p to you to construct a national railroad. While you work to continue the country’s far reaching industrial advancements. Along the lakes and sprawling rivers that were first used by freight ships. Providing goods and supplies to Northern Europe’s people.

Railway Empire – Northern Europe DLC Trailer


    • New scenario: Hibernation (1853-1870)
    • Map expansion: ‘Northern Europe’ (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes)
    • 3 historical engines: Odin (2-2-2), Prins August (2-4-0) and SJB II (4-6-0)
    • 10 new traceable goods (e.g. crisp bread and brown cheese) and 30 new cities
    • ‘Concession’ feature: The map is divided into sections. Buy concessions to gain access to new building grounds (Also available on the full North American map)
  • Snow: Enhanced weather system for all northern regions in the game
  • New regional soundtrack

Railway Empire puts players in the conductor’s seat in Northern Europe. While you build those huge rail networks. Develop new tech, grow and manage their rail workforce. While staying a step ahead of the rival tycoons. So you can expect to face strategic raids and spying.

Northern Europe DLC still gives you access to over 40 different trains. You will also have to buy or build railway stations. Including maintenance buildings, factories and tourist attractions. While working to keep your travel network ahead of the competition. Since you can’t simply build and research your way to the top. The competition never sleeps. That still means keeping your business on track you’ll have to survive against up to three rival tycoons.

That Northern Europe DLC is available on Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam. Along with a 15% launch week discount. But only until December 20th. With day one support for Linux and Windows PC.