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Northgard free update brings Relics mechanic

northgard free update brings relics mechanic into linux mac windows games

Northgard: Relics releases in free update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to the creative efforts of French indie studio Shiro Games. This is a major free update for viking strategy game Northgard. Which also introduces a brand new mechanic, Relics.

The new update for Northgard: Relics brings big changes. Since it really expands the crafting system. Plus it also reworks the tool mechanics and Forge building in-game. Allowing players to create powerful artifacts. Which will grant potent bonuses to their clan.

While the Vikings of Northgard rediscover artifacts. The long forgotten art of building Relics. Since these are powerful artifacts which provide great powers. At least for those clans that construct them.
Also, each clan can choose between 5 common Relics. Plus 1 clan specific Relic. Since there can only be one active at a time.

These unique clan Relics hold great power. So take the Raven clan for example. They can call on Mercenary Giants on raids. While the Dragon clan can summon an undead Jotnar.

Northgard Official Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Northgard: Relics also updates the tool mechanics. This changes the use and creation for important tools.
Similarly, the Forge building gains more importance. Allowing players to upgrade it. While assigning three Smiths to craft items even quicker. The player now also has the possibility to upgrade. Both for civilian and military tools using the Forge. And to build a Relic in this updated building.
Other functionality, including the ability to queue multiple items. This also another addition into the game.

More details on these new features. And also the process of Northgard: Relics is available in the patch notes.

Releasing on Steam Early Access on February 22nd, 2017. Northgard quickly becoming one of the most popular strategy games. While selling over 1 million copies.
With the official launch out of Early Access on March 7th, 2018. One of the highest rated PC games to be released in 2018. Holding a solid Metascore of 80.

Northgard is available on both Steam and Humble Store. While supporting Linux, Mac and Windows. Priced at $29.99 USD.

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