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Not Another Weekend announces the official release

not another weekend the point and click pixel adventure release date in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Not Another Weekend announces the point and click pixel adventure release date in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Animatic Vision and Dead Blue Friends. Due to make its way on to Steam this month.

The official release date for Not Another Weekend is May 20th. This is a humorous point and click pixel adventure paying tribute to the 80s pop culture. And also the golden era of exploration games. Not Another Weekend will offer a wacky cast of weirdo characters and nutty adventures. Actually, the art style of the main character is quite interesting.

Not Another Weekend trailer

Not Another Weekend is no ordinary adventure game taking place on a deserted island or in a gloomy city. The gameplay all takes place in Hotel 404. A ritzy 6-star hotel catering to an upper class clientele. Which also includes their rude, vain, and snobbish behavior. You play main character Mike Melkout, a humble bellboy fed up working for the man under terrible conditions. So now, something must be done. Likewise, you have put together an evil plan to kick out the guests during the weekend. Can it be done? Can you kick everybody out? Your dark plan must be put into motion.

Not Another Weekend offers a classic point and click interface. While offering an inventory of objects that you collect as you play. Packed with dark humor and hilarious characters. Since it’s your job to empty the hotel from its charismatic guests. These range from famous wrestlers, popular movie stars, and talentless singers. There is also the odd horror movie character or two. Rendered in cool pixel art. So for all who grew up in the 80s will instantly recognize the famous personalities with their crazy antics. Not Another Weekend puzzles must be solved to succeed. You must be creative and have a cool sense of humor to stay sane. Pop culture references of the era are available all throughout the game. You will truly enjoy the trip down memory lane. Then working to empty the building before the time runs out.


  • Pixel Art Visuals
  • Unique Story With Unexpected Surprises
  • Wacky & Weird 80s Personalities
  • Adult Humor and Challenging Puzzles
  • Classic Point And Click Adventuring

Not Another Weekend point and click pixel adventure will be available on Steam. Available via Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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