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Nova-Life first person simulation coming soon

nova-life first person simulation coming soon to linux and windows

Nova-Life is a Low-Poly first person simulation action video game for Linux and Windows. A sandbox simulation type mainly focusing on a roleplay in an open world.

In Nova-Life you can create your own character. Also find a job and go to work to earn money. Since this is a simulation you are able to buy a plot of land to build a house on. Sort of like GTA V but without all of the mayhem action. Since the gameplay seems to resemble Second Life, kind of. Check out the developer videos on YouTube.

The Nova-Life project will have around ten dozen or so jobs in its final version. So this includes the possibility of becoming a self-entrepreneur in order to create your own store. Also if you choose, your own company, which will offer a wide range of choices in the role you play.

Since this means I will be able to do a bunch of craziness in game. What really has my attention is the ability to do day to day lifestyle things. Hence working and establishing your own lifestyle and such.

The only setback being that this is French RPG gameplay. English is coming but as you can see by all of the videos on YouTube. Well everything is in French. As is the Steam gameplay trailer below.

Nova-Life first person simulation gameplay (Linux, Windows)


  • A dozen of jobs
  • A plot of land system
  • A pleasant driving system
  • Oral and written communication (VO-IP)
  • Dozens of weapons, objects, furniture!
  • The possibility of entering all buildings
  • Interact with AI
  • A wide range of choices at the vehicle level (all types of vehicles)

The roleplay of Nova-Life is a French roleplay. So without a doubt as TeamNova are developing the game for English, German, Russian maps. Doing so to vary the roleplay but they will also rely on the Nova-Life players to vary the content. Hence the involvement and use of Steam Workshop.

Nova-Life as a first person simulation game is indeed coming to Linux and Windows. Doing so as Free to Play and without a release date.

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