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Nova Roma city builder rises from the ashes

nova roma city building game is due to appease the gods on linux mac and windows pc

Nova Roma city building game is due to appease the gods on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Lion Shield creative prowess has given birth to remarkable innovations. Working to makes its way onto Steam.

Get ready to take on the grandeur of ancient Rome in Nova Roma, an exciting new city-building game. You will embark on a thrilling journey to build your own Roman city. Starting from a small village and shaping it into a bustling metropolis. You’ll face various tests along the way, such as managing complex supply chains, shaping the land to suit your needs, and even controlling the flow of water. All due to meet the demands of your citizens, on Linux.

Nova Roma is developed by Lion Shield, the team behind the popular Kingdoms and Castles. They have built upon their previous success to create an even deeper experience for both longtime fans and newcomers. This new title brings in unique mechanics that will put your city-building skills to the test.

For example, you’ll have to adapt to heavy rainstorms that can cause floods and ruin. So you’ll need to ensure your citizens have access to essential resources like food and entertainment. As well as create laws to govern your city. It’s a balancing act that requires careful planning and decision making.

Nova Roma – Announcement Trailer

As you delve into Nova Roma, remember that the gods of the Roman pantheon are watching your every move. If you fail to appease them, they may bring down punishments upon your city. So be sure to keep the gods happy as you work to create a successful civilization.

The city building game also features exciting elements like a day/night cycle. Also bigger and better maps, improved terrain sculpting, and much more. You’ll face various challenges, including barbarians who pose a threat to your city. As well as the jealous schemes of the old empire. It’s up to you to navigate these obstacles and build a thriving and resilient Roman city.

Nova Roma will be available for early access through Steam in 2024. So get ready to step into the shoes of a Roman city planner and take on the wonders and challenges of building and managing your own ancient city. Will you rise to the occasion and create a glorious civilization that stands the test of time? The fate of Nova Roma rests in your hands! Make sure to Wishlist. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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