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Now over 2000 games available for SteamOS and Linux on Steam


There are now over 2,000 games available on Steam that support Linux and Valve’s SteamOS. Which is quite impressive.

The release of the 2,000 Linux games milestone was reached this week, as of March 31st to be exact. And sometime this month we will be seeing the highly acclaimed Tomb Raider 2013, ported by Feral Interactive. Despite the release of any further details or a confirmed release date.

At the moment, there are 2006 games available with Linux support, if you use the “Release date” filter to sort them on either your Steam for Linux client or on the Web-based version.

This is a rather impressive achievement, mean, as a platform Linux is moving a head quite steadily, approximately 100 native Linux games releaing on Valve’s Steam service every month and a half.
As of this moment, Steam has roughly 8,000 games, giving Linux users a 25% share right now. That’s quite an impressive number, despite Linux usage on Steam remains under 1%.
Even recent Unity game engine reports show usage for the month of March as a shy number. Currently residing at a 0.4% share, which is interesting, seeing Unity is used by over 70% of the Linux games available on Steam. And scrolling down the page, it is clear the most used Linux distro is “unknown” at 84%, not the expected Ubuntu at 11% usage or SteamOS as 0.5%.
All of this presents some interesting statistics on where Linux usage currently resides, plus distro usage. Leading us to believe that Linux market share could be unknowingly larger than expected.


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