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Nowhere Prophet development almost there

nowhere prophet development almost there linux mac windows games

#NowhereProphet is a roguelike deck-building game coming to Linux, Mac, #Windows in Q2 2018. While set in the hostile planet Soma, a century after a catastrophic technological failure. So players lead an exodus across the #games randomly generated maps. Searching for the mystic Crypt, a place promising a safe future. Yet during these travels the player can build and tweak his card decks. Since defeating enemies means winning a card game.

So back in March we were keen to get Nowhere Prophet Greenlight on Steam. Which has happened. Yet we have just now gotten a developer update from Sharkbomb Studios. Supporting Linux, Mac and Windows. With a lot of trail and error going into the creation of Nowhere Prophet:

If for some reason you’re getting this. But don’t know (or have forgotten) what Nowhere Prophet is. Or you just want to know what’s new since we last talked. There’s been some drastic changes!

What’s this?
It’s probably best to start with the trailer below. Also here’s the marketing blurb:

Prepare your decks and go on a pilgrimage through the wasteland! Nowhere Prophet is a unique single-player card game. Travel across randomly generated maps and lead your followers in deep tactical combat. Discover new cards and build your deck as you explore this strange, broken world.

What’s new?
Well… A lot, actually.

It all started late last year after some of that sweet indie depression, when I finally decided I wasn’t happy with the state of the game. I took a step back and wrote down all the design issues I saw. Then I decided to not touch the game for half a year.

In April 2017 I then came back with renewed drive. And after almost three years into the games development I’ve had the stupid idea to scrap my entire core gameplay, the card combat.

A lot of prototyping. A search for a better system. Something to solve the games design issues. That could also be building quickly. And thanks to a late-night revelation I had something solid by the time May rolled around. After some serious deliberation (complete with SWOT analysis and a lot of chats with fellow indie devs) I took the plunge.

Nowhere Prophet Greenlight Trailer:

It was time to batten down the hatches and get the new system built. You can see an animation of the progress above.

By the end of June the new combat is fully implemented. Luckily it was done in time to premiere the newest build at the INDIGO festival in Utrecht. And the response there was great, people loved the game. Validation for my crazy idea of jettisoning a proven and working system just because it wasn’t “good enough” for me.

Now with that done, the current task here is to tweak the travel gameplay. So it works well in concert with the core combat. Progress has been great and I’m hoping to have a sweet build ready for Gamescom 2017 (August 23 – 26th).

And while that is happening I’m also slowly preparing for release. There’s a coming soon STEAM page up and I’m trying to plan the Early Access. Motivated by the success at Indigo I’ve decided to pull the release forward and try to get that done this year. Let’s see how that goes!

So there you have it, Nowhere Prophet is due sometime in 2017. Since the games already listed on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Yet pre-orders are not open. Stay tuned for more details.

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