Nuclear Throne roguelike gets online co-op multiplayer mod


An online #coop multiplayer is available for Nuclear Throne, Vlambeer’s #roguelike #shooter using an unofficial mod. YellowAfterlife’s Nuclear Throne Together mod adds a great online multiplayer completely with Steam invitations and even lobby lists, considering Vlambeer has not share source code. Now players and their friend can work to become kings of the nuclear wasteland together.

Other than just adding online support for co-op, the mod also fixes bugs left over from Nuclear Throne’s local co-op and cleans that up, plux it fixes further bugs in the game. And to top it off, the mod adds replays, so playerse can watch where their runs went wrong or drop in and take over.

Check out YellowAfterlife’s blog post for all the details in how the developer went about this creations.
YellowAfterlife also forwarded the idea by Vlambeer before release, so while not official this is an accepted change to the game.

Download Nuclear Throne Together from Itch and Thronebutt. Be aware that this is mod is only made for Windows PC, so Linux players will have to use WINE or PlayOnLinux and have to own the Steam version of Nuclear Throne.

YellowAfterlife also created a similar mod for Wasteland Kings, the game that later became Nuclear Throne.


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