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NukaGames – Game Development team [Recruiting]

Were creativity thrives!

Talent needed:
Permanent positions are open.
From 3D Modelers to Audio Design anything is open.
Open positions: 3D Modeling, Textureing, Level Design,Networking

About the group: In all seriousness
We like to take work serious and have fun while working.
Don’t be afraid everyone in the group should be friendly since we all have the same passion!
Creativity is not looked down on in the group but praised and recognized.
People can be themselves.

Benefits: Everyone should have some.
Any job has there ups and downs.
Seeing this isn’t a 100% money income I myself like to look at it as helping a neighbor. Sometimes you get paid sometimes you don’t. Of course this way its a bit more serious. Anyone working, get any profits we get we split.
Not only the split but credit on any project you decide to work on or help with.

Goals: We have some
-A massive multi-player game with over 1,000 purchases. (0/1000)
-A full team. (0/1)
-A game’s concept art completely done. (0/1)
-2 Games done (0/2)
-Website up and running (0%)

Examples of Work:
Devon – GUI Start example 2:

Game Ideas: Don’t worry you can submit Ideas too!

About our game ideas: A list of ideas.

A desolate multi-player PC Based FPS. Based in the cold war in Russia & America, Russia’s president Mikhail
Gorbachev poses a threat to American life. As a result you fight the war in the skies and on the ground with new
technology you can customize your gun down to the bullet effects. Thrilling heart racing action
to tactical points you can do it all in NukaWarfare.

Pictures: None yet sorry.

-Menu system (95%)
-Combat System (12%)
-Concept Art (5%)
-3D models (0%)
-Textures (0%)

People we love.
-Devon H.(Founder/Programmer) (September 3rd, 2011)
-ThatTallGuyX (New Programmer) (September 4th, 2011)
-Tarun S. (Audio Design(away)) (September 5th, 2011)
-Tune ‘Prototstar’ Katerungroch (2D Texture artist) (September 7th, 2011)

Applying: Please fill out a form
Position Desired:
Any previous works:
Extra Message:
((Please don’t post this form on the thread we like to keep privacy.) Either PM or Email the form please.))

[email protected]
Any messaging on Unity Forums

Not up yet sorry.

Anything else:
Well it may seem bland (This thread) but it is very creative. I will do my best to update the thread daily with new comments/replies, pictures, and any update videos!

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