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Numina character-driven RPG will test you

numina character-driven rpg game will test you on linux mac and windows pc

Numina character-driven RPG game will test you on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creativity and development of starlit studio. Available now on both Steam and itch as well as very good reviews.

In Numina, you are in contact with Shawn who is able to hear your voice through the 4th wall. You also meet in a very critical moment where Shawn loses someone very close to him. While at the same time being swept up in a play that involves your mutual bond. Which also threatens to shake the pillars of the world.

This bond will offer an exciting adventure in Numina. One that also fuses many classic RPG aspects. Such as a character-driven story in which your relationships change the course of the story. There is a dynamic battle system with challenging puzzles. Plus towns waiting to be explored and other exciting locations.

Numina Trailer

Both Steam and itch also offer a free Numina Demo. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Letting you play the 1st hour of the game. On Steam you can transfer your saves to the full game.


  • Breaking the 4th Wall
    The 4th wall is a concept from theater. So that actors on stage directly interact with the audience. In the same fashion, you partake in the story of Numina as a character. Also in the form of a bodiless voice that only Shawn can hear – a guardian spirit. You can interact with Shawn and influence his decisions through dialogue choices in the game.
  • Branching Decisions
    The decisions you make influences the relationship Shawn has with the other characters you meet in Numina. Having good relationships with your party members unlocks powerful combo-attacks in battle. And may also open up the opportunity to take your relationship to the next level. Your decisions also influence the overall course of the story. All due to conclude into one of the four possible endings.
  • Battle with the Elements
    Engage in a round-based combat system with action inputs. Doing so for some attacks that require you to make timed inputs for maximum damage. Each Numina character also has unique elemental abilities to exploit enemy weaknesses. Incorporate this into your strategy to quickly win battles.
  • Explore the World of Alterna
    Most side quests in Numina allow you to dive deeper into the backstory. As well as the lore of the world. But you can also explore the beautiful scenery with your grappling hook. All to reach higher places and find new gear, spell scrolls, or rare items.

Play Numina Part 1

Currently, Part 1 is ~24hrs of gameplay (about 2/3 of the full game). While Part 2 is still being worked on and will conclude the story. The release is planned as paid DLC in Q4 2022.

Numina character-driven RPG is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which you can find on both Steam and itch. But discounted 10% on Steam. Priced at $15.29 USD / £12.14 / 13,49€.

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