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NYAF hand painted hidden object game releases

nyaf hand painted hidden object game releases in linux gaming and windows pc

NYAF hand painted hidden object game releases in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of indie developer Alain Becam. Now available on Steam with a discount

NYAF is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Which also features fantastic music and sounds. All recorded by the developer, his son and a friend. The game also contains a full automatic save. So you can quit at any time without losing your progress. While throwing you directly into the hidden object search straight away.

The backgrounds and the characters of NYAF are all hand painted and unique. Some are scans from 1 by 1 meter canvas, from the artist Sébastien Lesage. The originals on canvas glow in the dark, hence the light green colour.

NYAF is also 4 games in one: main gameplay, MMPG, YANYAF and a secret one. But you have to play the game to unlock the other games. Two will unlock by your progression. While the last one requires you to find the secrets. Coming together in a rather unique experience.

NYAF – release trailer


  • Find the hidden characters on hand painted backgrounds.
  • Select between 8 levels of difficulties.
  • Earn coins that you can use to buy 2 dogs that help you find the hidden characters.


  • Battle the opponent in a massive minimalist fighting game.
  • Unlock units by playing the other NYAF games.
  • Your units are placed automatically for you. But you can always erase them to put them at another place.
  • Use brute force to get more units or try to go as far as possible being a strategist.
  • Once you win a level, you can unlock it.


  • Find the small symbols in an infinity of generated backgrounds.
  • No goal, no ending just for those who want a challenge looking for tiny symbols.


  • A game where the Paywalls are part of the NYAF game!
  • Find the dollars to buy updates, buy some dogs to find the dollars for you.
  • When stuck, you can buy the (fake) in-app purchases to get some help, or find a way around it!
  • When rich enough, you can use the 2nd shop to update your hero: alone against the mighty Paintball Army, he will need a lot of strength to win.

NYAF hand painted hidden object game releases on Steam. Priced at $5.39 USD until November 16th. With support in Linux gaming and Windows PC.

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