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Nyheim tabletop card strategy officially launches on Steam

nyheim card strategy launches on steam in linux mac pc

Since Nyheim presents of digital card strategy gaming meets #tabletop. Hence this is one of those games that grabs attention in a mild manner. Hence now #released on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While making this the alternative with “about 20-40 minute #games and uses only a single device. Also a perfect secondary activity for a long drive or a boring movie with friends.”

A lethal pandemic swept through the globe, mutating vermin into an aggressive menace and threatening to snuff out the light of humanity. Now my children, the survivors of the disease are rising back up, unwilling to let me become a hollow shell on the coast.” – The city of Nyheim

Nyheim is a game of risk management and rolling dice. In Nyheim you will gather a group of survivors, each contributing one or more eight-sided dice to the party. When you rest or explore in a location, you roll the dice and attempt to get the results that cards in the location require. Food, items and skills will grant you rerolls and ways to manipulate the dice, while injuries, threats and hardships will reroll them when you don’t want to or remove them altogether!

Nyheim card strategy Features:

  • An intuitive and fast dice-based resolution system
  • Strategic balancing between handling crises and goals
  • Random generation and multiple endings providing replayability
  • A positive attitude of rebuilding, working together as a society

Your ultimate goal is to survive through the winter, gather enough population, or rebuild Nyheim‘s hydroelectric dam. Crises, threats and ever-looming threat of starvation will make the road to victory harsh and unforgiving.

Nyheim is available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While also releasing with a 10% discount until February 7th.

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