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Oaken full release to v1.0 around the corner

oaken turn-based tactical roguelike games full release is coming to linux mac windows pc

Oaken turn-based tactical roguelike game’s full release is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All of this epic creativity springs from the imaginative minds at Laki Studios. Available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store with 81% Very Positive reviews.

Oaken is all about tactics and mystical vibes. It’s also the creation of Laki Studios, a crew from Poland, and brought to life by Goblinz Publishing, a group from France. It’s been in early access for a year. But on July 20th, the game is getting a full version.

At its core, Oaken is all about strategy and choice. You’ll guide your hero through a world teeming with spirits, kinda like a mystical adventure that feels both Celtic and tribal. Also, a mythical place, existing in a not easily defined space and time. Its inhabitants are spirits that listen to the same voice, called the Oak Song.
The turn-based tactical roguelike game world is different every time you step into it. You’ll never know what’s waiting — it could be a boss or a unique event that can change your whole strategy.

In Oaken, battles take place on a hexagonal grid. The key to winning isn’t just about choosing the right moves, but also placing your characters in the right spots and even rotating them correctly. Due to power up your spells and spirits however you like, lets you really make your play style your own. And whether you’re just looking for some relaxed fun or a real challenge, there’s something for everyone.

Oaken – Full Release Announcement Trailer

Now, when the full version of Oaken comes out, they’re adding a ton of new features. There’s a new area to explore, and a guide to help you out. Plus, they’re going to smooth out any rough edges to make sure everything works perfectly. Entering a mystical realm where you can uncover countless new areas, tackle scary bosses, and improve your abilities.

For those of you who’ve already been playing Oaken on Linux, there’s an update you can try out, the Roots Update 1.0.1. It has a brand new area you can find in the third part of the journey. Also a secret guide, a better intro, smarter AI, and an improved “undo” function. Even an end scene if you find the bonus ending. Plus, they’ve made lots of small upgrades to visuals and play. The turn-based tactical roguelike has more achievements and it’s even playable in Japanese.

And for Linux players who already own Oaken you can check the games update in the Open-Beta branch: the Roots Update 1.0.1

Oaken is set in a unique, mythical world, tucked away within the branches of a gigantic tree called the Great Oak. Everyone in this world hears a voice called the Oak Song. But when this voice goes silent, a chain of events begins that could save or destroy the Great Oak. So now it’s your job to step in and decide the fate of this world. The full release is due to arrive on July 20th.
Oaken is available on Steam with a 25% discount, priced at $14.99 USD / £13.49 / 14,99€. Also on GOG  and Humble Store. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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