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OBEY asymmetrical multiplayer action launches

obey asymmetrical multiplayer action game launches on linux mac windows pc

OBEY asymmetrical multiplayer action game launches on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Dez. Which is now out of Early Access on Humble Store and Steam.

The Lo-Fi Apocalypse announces its asymmetrical multiplayer game OBEY. Which has also launched out of Early Access. Now available with a big discount on Steam.

We’ve all played games where you send commands to teammates or AI units. OBEY instead puts you in the position to command your enemies (human opponents). And to be commanded by them. Players are also free to obey/disobey.

OBEY – Official Game Trailer

OBEY is a unique multiplayer action game. Since winning means bribing and bully your enemies into helping you win. And making themselves lose. Therefore to win, a player must make the most money by the end of the round. To make money the fastest, you must control the Robo. This allows you to push your will by using deadly force. As long as you can find any rivals hiding in the dark.

However, experienced OBEY players know how the game works. Since it is not always in your interest to simply kill the approaching enemies. But instead entice opponents to do you bidding. And that’s where things get interesting!


  • Unique asymetrical multiplayer gameplay mechanics
  • Social and mental King-of-the-hill gameplay
  • Stealth Gameplay mechanics
  • Supports user created maps
  • A buffet of items to creatively influence or trick opponents in OBEY
  • A complex world that allows for almost unlimited forms of deception
  • Emergent gameplay springs from player mentality and self interest
  • Explosive effects
  • Really cool robot to control and explode bunnies with
  • No internet connection required with local LAN support

OBEY is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $7.99 USD. A 4-pack bundle is also available to purchase for $19.99 USD. Both are on sale now until May 19th on Steam. Even more, the asymmetrical multiplayer action game is on Humble Store.

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