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Objects in Space sim coming to Early Access

objects in space sim coming to early access on linux mac windows

Objects in Space retro 2D point-and-click stealth action sim for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is also coming to Steam Early Access quite soon thanks to indie developer Flat Earth Games. But only on Mac and Windows, Linux will be coming late 2018.

Players take control of their own small ship. And must also traverse the tumultuous Apollo star cluster. A new home for humanity outside our solar system. A place alone in the universe, with no contact from Earth in almost fifty years.

Objects in Space also allows players to go beyond keyboard and mouse. So they can build their own custom starship bridges at home using physical hardware.

The length of Early Access will depend largely on how the community reacts to the game. But we anticipate being in Early Access for between 2 and 5 months.
We have a bare minimum number of features we want to see in the game. But if the game is doing well and people are engaged with what we’re making. We also have a plan to stretch Early Access out and work further.

So this is encouraging, but it still does not help Linux gamers. Which means we will have to wait until later this year for native support. And given how most people about Early Access games to begin with. Well this is kind of a setback.

“This is a 90s-style space game but with the huge expectations of a contemporary open-world game,” said Leigh Harris, co-founder of Flat Earth Games. “It was designed around a central narrative but without a hero’s journey, so players can treat it as a sandbox and play with the game’s intricate economies or explore and find stories and characters to engage with.”

“We’ve taken the tension of submarine simulators and borrowed from them to make a space game which doesn’t require intense reflexes,” said Elissa Harris, co-founder of Flat Earth Games. “Players who want to avoid combat altogether can pay attention to pirate notices and avoid it, while those who like tense combat challenges can seek it out via bounty hunting contracts and more.”

Objects in Space Sim Developer Playthrough (Windows, Mac and then Linux)

Features List:

  • Massive open world to explore full of NPCs to interact with
  • Complex contract-based economic system with over 50 employers
  • Time-based open world – opportunities, stories and events happen at certain times as well as certain places. So each play through will be different
  • Tense submarine-influenced combat
  • Fully customisable ships – design your vessel for combat, shipping, stealth and more
  • Mostly avoidable combat for more pacifistic players
  • A world of side quests – no single linear story players are required to follow
  • Explore 12 hand-crafted populated star and 20 uncharted systems full of unknown threats and treasures
  • Find derelict ships, wreckages, cargo pods and communication beacons adrift in space
  • Be a trader, bounty hunter, explorer, pirate or all of them at the same time
  • Sandbox mode – play the game without narrative content in an endless version of the game (coming soon)
  • Scenarios – tense combat scenarios task the player with overcoming impossible odds and testing their skill (coming soon)
  • Multi-player Scenarios – compete or cooperate in a variety of multiplayer modes and situations (coming soon)
  • Build your own DIY controllers at home using Arduinos – anyone can construct their own ship bridge with physical switches and buttons with just a little bit of soldering know-how. Easy to learn and fun to do!

Early Access:

Objects in Space sim will release on Steam Early Access on June 21st for Mac and Windows. While Linux will be coming late 2018.