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Objects in Space will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2016


#FlatEarthGames is pleased to announce that Objects in Space will launch with support for #thirdparty or home-built #controllers. Players can physically build their own space ship consoles and have Objects in Space accept commands from it (using buttons, switches etc) or sent commands to it (lighting up LEDs, Arduinos etc). An example of the kind of setup players will be able to create (pictured) is playable today on the show floor at PAX Australia.

To celebrate, the first footage of the game is out now. It’s a video walkthrough showcasing the submarine-style interface in action as a Ceres class light freighter attempts to outwit a pirate by hiding in a nebula.

In the game proper, players will toggle between the key rooms of the ship (bridge, power, communications, engineering etc) by pressing left/right on the arrow keys. The game’s virtual serial port interface allows the player to create their own physical setup to see their ship’s damage without switching screens, receive instant alerts when they have incoming messages, see their ship’s battery stores in a pinch, or even use a physical dial to show the ship’s current direction and trajectory.

If you wanted to, you could create a huge reactor on/off switch so you can very quickly reduce your ship’s emissions when you’re trying not to be found.

The possibilities are as limitless as players’ imaginations.

Check out the dev blog we’ve just released for a full description of the setup being shown at PAX Australia.

Objects in Space is due out for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2016.