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Obscurium WWI Horror and successful Kickstarter

obscurium wwi horror and successful kickstarter coming to linux mac windows pc

Obscurium WWI Horror and successful Kickstarter coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A creation of writer and illustrator turning developer, Scott Lininger. Which already has success for the modest crowdfunding campaign goal of $300 USD. Which is now 371% funded.

Obscurium is a 3rd person point and click adventure. With just over a week left before the campaign ends.
The story lets you guide the protagonist, Red Cross Nurse Mary Wellsley. While she explores rooms collecting items and solving simple puzzles. Due to unravel a mystery of this bizarre place. And also the fate of her fellow nurse and closest friend, Nancy.

The story behind Obscurium takes inspiration from writers. Such as Henry James (The Turn of the Screw) and Rudyard Kipling (They). Along with Susan Hill (The Woman in Black) and H.P. Lovecraft (The Call of Cthulhu).

Obscurium follows a nurse is blinded by mustard gas. As a result, she awakens in a hospital filled with terrors. But her world is heavily blurred except around your cursor. Freeing your imagination to fill in the horrors she encounters. Turning the occasional chore of pixel hunting into an engaging element of the story. Just take a look at the trailer.

Obscurium Kickstarter Trailer

World War I rages on the far side of the woods. You can still hear the shelling over no man’s land. There are so many wounded. As you struggle to lend aid to the mangled men. You also ask about your missing colleague, Nancy.
In your nightmares she’s alone and crying. No one has seen her… and time is running out. In Obscurium, figures appear in the windows of the house. Unearthly objects plummet from the sky. And the patients speak of a naked child running in the rubble, dragging the corpse of an infant…

The hazy portal of Mary’s ravaged eyes empowers a “theatre of the mind”. While painting visions far more chilling than can be drawn or described. It also provides unique gameplay challenges and a close, almost intimate atmosphere.

Obscurium WWI Horror and successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Which is definitely worth a look. Due to release in April 2021, DRM-free. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC.