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observer_ horror finally releases on Linux today

observer_ horror finally releases on linux today beside windows games

Since Bloober Team are no strangers to unnerving and fear-inducing. While taking everything they learned Layers of Fear. Also refining their technique for this cyberpunk release, >observer_. Which finally releases on Linux, thanks to Aspyr Media via Steam and Humble Store. Originally releasing back in August 15th for Windows.

>observer_ introduces players to a frightening concept. How would it feel if your fears could be weaponized against you? Det. Daniel Lazarski is an “Observer”. Also part of a corporate-funded, specialized police unit. Given full legal clearance to tap directly into a target’s mind via neural implant.
Since a cryptic message from your estranged son sets you on a journey. All to explore the drug-ridden Class C slums of Krakow, Poland. Therefore it up to you to hack into the minds of criminals. As well as victims alike. Uncovering the truth of the mysterious communique. While have to explore a surreal landscape of the resident’s darkest fears.

>observer_ holds the same fantastic pacing of Layers Of Fear. Using modern themes to illustrate a society where hacking people’s nightmares is a reality. The game questions the moral implications of using people’s most guarded memories as weapons. Delve into people’s most disturbing internal struggles to find the answers you seek.

>observer_ Launch Trailer:

The games focus is about seeking and solving clues. Help rid the city of its seedy underbelly in a futuristic, Blade Runner-esque narrative.

>observer_ Features:

  • Hack into the twisted minds of criminals and their victims as you traverse a surreal landscape, uncovering meaning behind imagery
  • Unique cyberpunk setting, as players find themselves in 2084 AD, Krakow, Poland
  • Genre-defining “hidden horror” gameplay in an unsettling, dark atmosphere, placing an emphasis on deeper primal terror over jump scares

Also, be sure to check out the Aspyr Scream on Stream contest. Since the developer is giving away free games. As well as other prizes.
observer_ finally releases on Steam and Humble Store for Linux. The games discounted 15% until October 27th.
A big deal since observer_ is already available on Windows.

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