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Obsidian's Project Eternity Kickstarter passes $2m

Old-school RPG from Black Isle Veterans joins the ranks of most funded campaigns

Obsidian entertainment has joined the crowdfunding hall of fame today, raising over $2 million from fans for the creation of an old school RPG dubbed Project Eternity.

So far few projects have reached such an exalted threshold, and to be numbered among the likes of The Double Fine Adventure Game, Ouya, Wasteland 2, and the Occulus Rift is high honors indeed.

Obsidian are already working closely with inXile on Wasteland 2, and it was in part the promise of reuniting Interplay founder Brian Fargo with the Black Isle veterans that founded Obsidian that helped push the project past the two million mark.

History aside, the $2 million mark bears its own significance for the future of Project Eternity.

Once the initial goal of $1.1 million was reached, as series of “stretch goals” which promised new content at higher levels of funding were gradually ticked away.

So far the stretch goals met promise the addition of two races, classes, and companions, as well as Mac and Linux support.

With the latest goal met player houses have been added, and should donations reach $2.2 million Obsidian promise to add a new region, faction, and companion, and provide French, German, and Spanish translations.

The campaign currently stands at $2,022,000 with 47,000 backers and twenty days remaining.

Source:  develop-online


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