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Octopus City Blues offers a lengthy Demo

octopus city blues is a surreal 2d adventure game has a demo for linux mac and windows pc

Octopus City Blues is a surreal 2D adventure game has a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The talented team at Ghost in a Bottle deserves a big thanks for their creativity. Due to making its way onto Steam and GOG.

Octopus City Blues transports you into various strange worlds where people’s lives revolve around this massive sea creature. In this game, you step into the shoes of Kaf Kafkaryan. Think of Kaf as the guy who takes care of the tentacles. A tentacle trimmer, if you will.

The Story Behind Kaf’s Adventures
In Octopus City Blues, things start to get trippy for Kaf after a bizarre job interview. There’s an octoblood substance, and after Kaf encounters it, he starts having intense dreams. These aren’t your ordinary dreams; they’re a whirlwind tour of bizarre and wacky worlds. But here’s the twist: these dreams might not be just dreams. They might connect to a much bigger mystery in Kaf’s reality.

Octopus City Blues Trailer

A Little History
This whole concept might sound fresh to you, but it’s been brewing for a while. The creators at Ghost in a Bottle first got support for this project way back in 2013. All due to fans on Kickstarter. They’ve been crafting Octopus City Blues on and off for a while. Especially since they had other commitments. But in 2021, a big break came their way! The Dutch Midgame Fund chipped in, giving them a boost to pour more energy into crafting Ghost in a Bottle.

So, What Can You Expect?

  • Stunning visuals: The pixel art of this game is like a moving masterpiece. It’s intricate and full of life.
  • Interactive storytelling: As you explore, you’ll overhear people’s secrets and rumors. Use this knowledge wisely, maybe even spread a few tales of your own. Due to see how your choices shape the world around you in Octopus City Blues.
  • Tension and choices: Life on the octopus isn’t always peaceful. There will be moments when you’ll need to manage your nerves and make choices that could change everything.
  • Meet a bunch of quirky folks: Over 50 of them, each with their unique quirks, routines, and stories to share.
  • Dive into a deep narrative: There’s a big mystery afoot, one that involves a dark conspiracy you’ll gradually uncover.

The Demo:

Octopus City Blues is available on Steam, itch, and GOG as part of Steam Next Fest on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The lengthy surreal 2D adventure Demo will remain available after the event.
On itch, run the AppImage file after chmod +x OctopusCityBlues-x86_64.AppImage, then ./OctopusCityBlues-x86_64.AppImage in a terminal.

Lastly, while it might be a bit of a wait, this surreal 2D adventure title will release in Q2 2024. So whether you’re looking to lose yourself in an immersive world or challenge your decision-making skills, Octopus City Blues promises a ride you won’t forget. And it’s all coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam and GOG.

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