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Of Blades & Tails v1.0 launches discounted

of blades & tails v1.0 for the turn-based rpg game launches the full adventure on linux mac windows pc

Of Blades & Tails v1.0 for the turn-based RPG game launches the full adventure on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Felix Laukel for his imaginative and dedicated work. Available on both Steam and GOG.

Of Blades & Tails offers an exciting adventure that’s now fully available v1.0. Developed by Felix Laukel and released by Pineapple Works, this title steps out of its testing phase. While offering Linux players a 25% discount for its launch.

In this journey, you step into the shoes of Reik, a smart and adventurous fox. Reik’s story starts with a series of unexpected events that lead him on an important mission. This mission is crucial for the safety and well-being of all beings in his world. As Reik, you’ll venture far from your home, exploring various lands and gathering strength to fight against a looming, evil threat.

What makes Of Blades & Tails stand out is its blend of classic and new elements in a turn-based RPG format for v1.0 . If you’re familiar with titles like Stoneshard, you’ll notice some similarities, but also unique twists. The gameplay is quicker and focuses more on skills and equipment. You can choose to follow the main storyline or go off the beaten path. Due to explore ancient ruins and hidden dungeons. Your character, Reik, will grow stronger and more capable as you progress, unlocking new abilities and finding powerful gear.

Of Blades & Tails v1.0 Launch Trailer

The world of Of Blades & Tails v1.0 is rich and open for exploration. It’s full of vibrant pixel art and features a human-like setting, meaning you’ll Find and interact with various animal characters. Which also includes randomly generated dungeons and caves, adding a sense of volatility and excitement to your adventures.

Key aspects of this adventure include:

  • Fast-paced, turn-based combat that requires both quick thinking and strategy.
  • An expansive world with many places to discover and secrets to uncover.
  • A unique setting with colorful graphics.
  • Character development without strict class restrictions, allowing for a wide range of abilities.
  • A variety of items and gear to collect, each with special attributes.
  • Challenges like hunting giant bugs, and collecting resources. While v1.0 has you face diverse enemies that demand tactical thinking in Of Blades & Tails.
  • Opportunities to join guilds, learn their secrets, and trade with other characters.
  • An Arena Leaderboard challenge where you can compete with others.
  • Treasure maps that lead to valuable loot.
  • Both main and side quests to engage in.

The Of Blades & Tails v1.0 of the game is also fully localized in several languages. Including English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Russian, with plans to add even more language support.

This turn-based RPG game is a must-try for those who love adventures and exploring new worlds. Especially if you like that mix classic elements with fresh ideas. Available on Steam and GOG. Also priced at $11.24 USD / £9.59 / 11,09€ with the 25% discount. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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