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Offside Legends fast-paced soccer hits Kickstarter

offside legends fast-paced soccer releaes on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc with a demo

Offside Legends fast-paced soccer releases on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to independent developer Team Serpico. The crowdfunding campaign is now live. With a $30,000 USD pledge goal due to end July 18th.

Offside Legends is a fast-paced soccer arcade due to be released in 2021. Featuring teams based in characters such as King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, and others. While developer’s campaign will help get more donations to finish the game. Also cover the costs related to the production and development.

Therefore, if you want to test out their upcoming fantasy themed soccer party game. You can play Offside Legends on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via their Discord.

Offside Legends will have you making your way across the ruins of Camelot. And also the Wonderland’s tricky chessboard. Pass, shoot and score. Unless the swarms of bats distract you, or the lightning. Likewise, make sure to keep the ball moving. Pick just the right moment for your magical skills. While you deal brutal knockouts and take perfectly timed shots. This is nonstop action!

Offside Legends Kickstarter Trailer

The gameplay of Offside Legends includes a team of valiant knights. Back when dragons and damsels roamed wild. Along with the valiant captain: King Arthur of the Round Table. That knight might look like a bruiser, but don’t let him fool you: his greatest source of power lies in the complexity of forbidden fairy ball magic.


  • Fast-paced, fantasy-themed soccer-party game
  • Teams based in fantasy characters such as King Arthur, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland…
  • Inspired by Marion Strikers Charged
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC in 2021

Since the fast-paced soccer releases on Kickstarter. The campaign will help Team Serpico getting more funding to finish Offside Legends. The Demo is already pretty doing well. While giving players a good look at the production and development of the game so far.

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