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Old Skool Racer will get a native release

old skool racer will get a linux release with windows pc via early access

Old Skool Racer will get a Linux release beside Windows PC in Early Access. Thanks to recent details from developer Karma Play Limited. Which just released onto Steam Early Access this week.

Old Skool Racer is a complete arcade racing game world. One that also recreates the sheer thrill of classic racing games. Such as Outrun, Screamer, Star Wars Pod Racer and Wave Race 64. The game is designed to be updated weekly in close cooperation with racing game fans. While features recommended by the community will be given top priority.

Since we have a few racing fans in the community. Reaching out to Karma Play Limited about Linux support, this is the reply:

Once the Windows version is stable and more fully featured. There will be a Linux port.

So having a further test run with Old Skool Racer. Since this is a Unity 3D title, Proton support works quite well. There are a few features yet to be implemented. But there are things like Video settings that need to implemented. Such as the controller, which should work, but right now I’m only using keyboard and mouse.
With all those things in development. There are some nice cars in the line-up. Such as Lamborghini’s, McLaren’s, Koenigsegg’s, Mustang’s and older super cars. Plus there are also a lot more features coming along with a Linux release. Not to mention all of the game features due to be completed by 2023.

Planned game features

  • Players can choose from five different vehicle types in Old Skool Racer. Including cars, motorbikes, speedboats, hoverpods and chariots.
  • Over 30 day and night locations. Such as Hurricane City, Borneo, Germany, Aspen, Peru, San Francisco, London, Paris, Yosemite, Egypt, Nevada, China, Norway, Germany, Amsterdam, Switzerland, India, Mt. Kilmanjaro, Iceland and Venice.
  • Singleplayer game modes include Quick Race and Time Trial. There is also Stunt Mode, Combat Mode and Championship. Multiplayer features will include Quick Race and Championship. While including dedicated servers, friends list, matchmaking, achievements, trophies and a global leaderboard.

Old Skool Racer Early Access Gameplay

Vehicle Modding Options

Customise your vehicle’s appearance. Since you can using different specialty parts, paint colours, decals and effects. Choose the exact colour from literally millions of colours. Plus you can using a Photoshop style colour wheel.

Completely change the vehicle’s appearance using multiple material types. Such as carbon fibre, glossy metal, and toon. Add decals from hundreds already included or choose from your own image library. Directly paint on the surface of the vehicles using a variety of custom brushes. Add new parts in Old Skool Racer, such as spoilers and create your own custom exhaust. There are also nitrous effects to make your vehicles look unique. Making you distinct from other players.

Winner’s Island

Own your own beautiful private Winner’s Island. A luxury mansion which can be customised using hundreds of virtual items. Such as different lights and visual effects. The mansion will also host the player’s 3D Trophy Room. Not to mention a digital leaderboard and the garage.

Walk between hundreds of similar islands created by other winners such as yourself. Take part in Old Skool Racer multiplayer mini games. Such as tennis, table tennis, pool and water polo in any of these islands.

Send invitations to other players and your social media friends. Since they can join you for a mini game. Or maybe a private video screening in your mansion’s virtual home theatre. Stream videos from your YouTube channel or directly from your PC.

Level Editor

Old Skool Racer will feature a complete level editor. This will allow players to customise all the existing levels. Or create completely new ones using the tools and assets provided. The level editor will also provide the capability to change lighting. Even add visual effects such as rain, fire, smoke, snow and explosions.

Old Skool Racer is available now on Steam Early Access. With support for Windows PC, but works on Linux using Proton. The game itself holds a ton of potential but only priced at $19.99 USD. Should you want to take it for a spin. The price is expected to increase for the full launch in 2023. But you have some time plus a Linux release is coming, no ETA yet.

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