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Omega Warp action adventure has a Demo

omega warp action adventure game has a demo for both linux and windows pc

Omega Warp action adventure game has a Demo for both Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the creative work from developer Cian Games. With the full game due to make its way onto Steam.

Cian Games has just announced Omega Warp, a 2D sci-fi themed action adventure game coming to Linux and Windows PC and Linux. The uniquely creative new title gets a Steam Demo with native support. The game will also take part in the upcoming Steam Next Fest (February 6-13, 2023).

Omega Warp – Announcement Trailer

Omega Warp takes place aboard an interstellar freighter orbiting the planet Tau Verge. Which is also serving as an ops base for the building of an outpost. Play as Lana Winfort or Stean Redfire belonging to the team. Due to search the interstellar freighter’s loss of contact with its base on Earth, taking place a year earlier.


  • Exploration: Progress and access the decks of the interstellar freighter. Due to discover its mysteries, acquire new upgrades, and find secret areas in Omega Warp. Including what caused the freighter’s loss of contact with Earth.
  • Customization: Find and equip upgrades that will add new functions to your space armor. Making your journey easier or allowing access to new areas. Fight enemies, complete missions, and discover secrets to build experience. All while you improve your skills based on the way you play.
  • Arsenal: Use a range of long range energy weapons in Omega Warp. These do not use ammo but use a battery that recharges over time. Find and equip new energy charges that deal more damage to organic or synthetic enemies. Unlock and collect ammo to use in the explosive launcher built into your space armor.
  • Datalogs: Access data logs on computers scattered around the freighter. All due to find the daily life, history or secrets left behind by the crew.

Omega Warp action adventure game has a Demo on Steam. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to play and Wishlist the game while you’re on Steam.

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