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Omega Warp action adventure is here

omega warp action adventure game launches into the sci-fi themed journey on linux and windows pc

Omega Warp action adventure game launches into the sci-fi themed journey on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the amazing team at Cian Games. It’s now available on Steam with its release discount.

Great news from Cian – their latest release, Omega Warp action adventure, is now live on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. So it’s time to dive into some epic space journey.

In Omega Warp, you get to choose between two characters to take on the action, Lana Winfort or Stean Redfire. Both are part of a repair team due to figure out why a huge freighter has suddenly stopped communicating with Earth. This title mixes metroidvania elements, while giving you a fun blend of exploration, skill upgrades, and gear customization. The interconnected world design keeps you hooked, since it’s always ready for the next discovery.

Andre Antonio Schmitz, a developer at Cian Games, shared his excitement about the game: “Omega Warp has been an incredible, challenging, and fun action adventure over the past few years. We used several science fiction classics as references, and we hope players love them.”

Omega Warp – Gameplay Trailer brings the action


  • Exploration: Get ready to navigate through the interconnected decks of the interstellar freighter. Unlock new areas, uncover hidden secrets, due to figure out the mystery behind the freighter’s silence. Along the way, you’ll collect upgrades in Omega Warp that also enhance your gear and open up more action and places to explore.
  • Customization: Your space armor isn’t just for show. As you progress, you’ll find upgrades that add new functions, making your journey easier and helping you access new areas. Fight enemies, complete missions, and gather secrets to level up your skills. Tailor your abilities to match your play style.
  • Arsenal: Your main weapons are long-range energy blasters that don’t use traditional ammo but instead rely on a rechargeable battery. As you explore, you’ll find new energy charges that can deal extra damage to different types of enemies, whether organic or synthetic. Plus, your space armor comes with an explosive launcher. While in the action, keep an eye out for ammo to make those explosions even more powerful in Omega Warp.
  • Datalogs: Scattered across the freighter are computers with datalogs. These contain snippets of daily life, history, and secrets left by the crew. They add a rich layer of story to your journey, due to make the world feel alive.

You can grab Omega Warp now for just $12.74 USD / £10.87 / 12,57€, and that’s including the 15% discount to get into the action for the first two weeks. Don’t miss out. It’s available on Steam for Linux and Windows PC.

Ready to embark on this sci-fi journey? Get your copy today and start exploring the unknown.

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