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Omnibion War 3D shoot em up needs Tux Love

omnibion war 3d shoot em up needs tux love for linux support

Omnibion War is the lastest in 3D shoot em up sci-fi action games for Windows on Steam, but could see a Linux release. Since 1C introduces the game, taking inspiration from mecha anime. Releasing via SteamTM. Also under development by independent developer Crazy Bullet Studio from Chile.

So what’s the deal regarding Linux support?

Linux Support:

“The game uses UE4 and as for now Linux support is not planned.”

Show that Tux Love:

So that’s all well and good, but we have started a Steam Discussions post. Since we caught details about the game it’s trailer, I was hooked. The gameplay seems to resemble that of Everspace, with that mech feature.
Threfore, I’m eager to see that Linux release. Here’s hoping Crazy Bullet recognize the Tux Love from the Linux community and issue a port.

Here’s why Linux support is a big deal. Omnibion War puts players into the pilot seat of a high-tech space jet. Which can also transform into a flying mech at the touch of a button.

So wiht this high-tech military gear, you can blast through the galaxy. While take down thousands of Hellhounds one by one to prevent them from acquiring Omnibion. Which is the games sought after ancient weapon.

With various mission objectives to complete, parts of the universe to visit. There are also different types of enemies to blow to smithereens. Along with new weapons and upgrades to unlock. The journey through the galaxy will be an intense and exciting experience with the finger on the trigger.

Omnibion War shoot em up Announcement Trailer (Windows, no Linux)

About the game

Now 5 years have passed since the victory of the Coalition of United Colonies over the Omnigans. But the fragile times of peace and prosperity were again disrupted. Once CUC allies, The Hellhounds now unleash chaos and violence throughout the galaxy.

They also stop at nothing in order to gain control of Omnibion. The ancient device created by the Omnigans.

Become Jaeden, ace pilot of the late “Icarus” squad. Then strap yourself in as you again fire up the mighty engines of the A.A.V.G. gunship. Its immense firepower and the ability to rapidly transform between a space jet and a flying mech. These features make it the humanity’s most advanced fighting machine.

So you can take full advantage of its destructive potential. Put your pilot skills to the test against the incoming Hellhound hordes in various parts of the galaxy. Diverse mission objectives will take you to the vacuum of space. Including lava deserts and underwater worlds of distant planets.

Also, be sure to upgrade your mech as you fight to save the galaxy.

Omnibion War Features:

  • Use the transforming abilities of your A.A.V.G. (Automatic Artillery of Variable Geometry)
  • Take down thousands of enemies and mighty bosses, both in space and on various planets
  • Complete various mission objectives – protect, destroy, rescue and more
  • Gain experience points to access new weapons, upgrades and special attacks
  • Enjoy the retro vibe in two game modes – rail shooter and free flight

Omnibion War shoot em up is coming to Steam soon. There is no official release date just yet. But the games trailer is inspiring. So show that Tux Love via the link above.

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