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On Rusty Trails platformer from Tiny and Big dev

On Rusty Trails platformer from Tiny and Big dev linux mac windows

On Rusty Trails comes from the makers of Tiny and Big comes a whole new adventure game. Unpredictable, house-rusting rain is hindering Guy Elvis’ livelihood, but it’s not the only threatening hazard in On Rusty Trails, Black Pants Games Studio‘s platformer coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Explosive projectiles, flying squid-looking creatures and the ever-present threat of gravity are all accounted for, making Guy’s trek anything but simple.

This is not how you planned to enjoy your future as a rate payer. Good thing, you suddenly get your hands on a Shifty Suit! Now it‘s super easy to incognito yourself and walk amongst suspicious hairy folk. Walk along, below and above iron cities, soggy jungles and flaming war zones. Swiftly zoom over any obstacle and switch form to avoid a rusty funeral…

On Rusty Trails Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  •  Slip into the Shifty Suit™! Wear these arcane but fine threads to change your appearance whenever there‘s a need to fit in. Avoid confrontation and do not leave your comfort zone!
  •  Still Stepping on the Floor? Get your feet on the walls! Why, even on the ceiling! And then: Go walk there!
  •  A Tale Told in Finest Comic Art. Stimulate your eyes and brains with a story about the loss of a low-rent flat, complicated misunderstandings and a looming war.
  •  Saucy Soundtrack Guarantee!

Shifty Suit allows Guy to influence surrounding environments by switching his appearance, as shown in the block-shifting platforming sections in the above teaser. That doesn’t negate all the things trying to kill him, of course, but at least it helps with building a path to run away from it all.

You can help keep Guy high and dry when On Rusty Trails platformer launches sometime next year on Linux, Mac and Windows. The Tiny and Big dev’s certainly know how to keep players busy.

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