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One lucky gamer unboxing Valve's Steam Machine

Steam Machine unboxing

Valve’s Steam Machines shipped to 300 lucky beta testers yesterday and now the first official unboxing video is available, courtesy of YouTube user Corey Nelson.

In the unboxing video, we get a glimpse at the Steam Machine and its new haptic feedback Steam Controller, as well as various other components that ship with the system.

Nelson also provided a video of the Steam Machine booting up, complete with a look at the system’s user interface. He also loads a game of Klei Entertainment’s adventure game Don’t Starve during the video.

Valve’s Steam Machine prototype is built from off-the-shelf PC parts and is fully upgradable, meaning users can swap out the GPU, hard drive, CPU, or the motherboard if they want to.

SteamOS is also now currently available, but you might want to wait. Let’s just say, the forums are busy.

Pricing has not been announced for Valve’s Steam Machine, but the company has said it will share more details on its system at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Third-party Steam Machines are also expected to be unveiled during the show, including the new $1469 system from Digital Storm.

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