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One Military Camp is due to be Verified

one military camp base building management game to be verified on linux via steam deck with windows pc

One Military Camp base building management game is due to be Verified on Linux via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer Abylight Barcelona. Which is gearing up for release on Steam Early Access.

Finally, we can share great news: One Military Camp, the long-awaited “manage sim” developed by Abylight Barcelona will be releasing March 2nd, in Early Access (at least 6 months). Due to offering players an original experience with the game. So there are plenty of updates and new modes planned for the upcoming months. Plus the developers are also committing to Steam Deck support.

We are including Steam Deck Support at launch, and we hope to be Deck verified also in March.

According to the Abylight Barcelona email reply, they are hoping to be Steam Deck Verified before release. But they are keeping committed to Steam Deck support either way. Plus I can also confirm that Proton support works rather well since One Military Camp is being developed in Unity 3D.

So on March 2nd, you will be able to play the complete game campaign. Doing so with over 100 missions, every game mechanic, 3 biomes, and a deep gaming experience. This also includes easter eggs and a wacky sense of humor, with no violence in it. But that’s only the beginning.

One Military Camp | Gameplay Trailer

One Military Camp tasks leaders to revive the continent’s final safe haven back to its former glory. Due to mold fresh cadets into elite soldiers. Manage the camp, build structures, and train recruits efficiently. There may be hope yet for peace throughout the land.

Building and managing a well-oiled camp is no easy task. Use the necessary resources to construct a layout that will ensure maximum training efficiency. Once the foundation is ready, hire staff to keep up with the daily routine is a must. Staff will not only keep the camp running properly, but sustain the health and morale of recruits as well.

Abylight wants to give special thanks to the community for the support they gave during the One Military Camp development. So they have decided to release the game at a very special price for the Early Bird supporters that buy it at launch.

One Military Camp base building management game will be priced at $24.99 USD / £19.99 / 23,99€. But will also offer an extra 10% discount the first week on Steam Early Access. Along with Linux support via Proton and Steam Deck with Windows PC.

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