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One Snack Please a new strategic indie game by Developer Jacque Rabie

Every kind of online and #downloadable video games can now be sought online, be it action, RPG, multiple player games, word games or arcade #games. Breaking the clutter of monotonous and standard empire building games is the freshest strategy video game, One Snack Please, which is set to release shortly.

One Snack Please, as can be understood by its name, is a snack empire building simulation video game which has been developed by Jacque Rabie. Just like other tycoon games where one builds a career through many levels, each more challenging than the other, in One Snack Please, players have to manage a snack stand deftly.

Gamers have to start from scratch by playing varied levels that will take them from running a small snacks stand to ending up owning a large snack chain. The game requires the gamer to have and use not only their wits but restraint and planning. The game also has a unique sense of humor and has been inspired by the classic Lemonade Stand Game.

Jacque Rabie will be releasing One Snack Please on July 25th, 2014. It will soon be made available on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android and Amazon App Stores besides launching for users of Steam, Desura, and the Mac App Store. This title is touted to appeal to those who are fans of Indie’s and with a minimalist art style and something of a new genre of games. Players have to strategically make their moves at every level which will hone their thinking capabilities and managerial skills. While the game retains its realistic feel, it is a wild and exaggerated simulator game. This upcoming game is a rare combination of being funny and brainy at the same time and will be available soon!

One Snack Please Demo


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