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One Spirit visual novel due to hit Kickstarter soon

one spirit coming-of-age visual novel games demo due to hit kickstarter for linux mac and windows pc

One Spirit coming-of-age visual novel games due to hit Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC with a Demo. Thanks to confirmation and a further explanation from developer Voyvod Arts. So be sure to hit that Notify button for the crowdfunding campaign.

Voyvod Arts announce their alt history visual novel One Spirit. The story game take place in a fictional European nation torn apart by the horrors of the extended Cold War. Due to begin its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on July 6th. The campaign, which will end on August 5th. Seeking a funding goal of 18,000€ ($21,412.80 USD) to fund the development of this unique take on the visual novel genre.

To celebrate the announcement, Voyvod Arts also released the first public demo of the game. This is available on Steam and (Linux and Windows PC). While you can play the games DRM Free build on Itch, the Steam Linux build does not work via the Steam client. So the best way is to run the demo is to cd into the games directory in a terminal (~/.steam/steamapps/common/One Spirit Demo/). From there you can run the game demo via sh Plus VOYVOD ARTS stated in a personal that the demo will be extended to a larger prologue, if Kickstarter funding is reached.

In 60 minutes, the prologue demo introduces players to the universe of One Spirit. Starting plot points and the main features of the game. While mixing visual novel, time management and some elements of the traditional graphic adventures. You can read more details about it in the most recent post of their dev blog on Steam.

One Spirit Official Teaser

In the meantime, you can check out for more updates and upcoming features of the game in the devlogs on the Steam page of the studio.

In One Spirit, a coming-of-age visual novel, where players will play as 12 unique characters. Since decisions have an impact on the immediate future of the country in one way or another. Yuri Danilin’s return to his hometown, and the mysterious abduction of a young activist. This is the starting point of his playable drama. While personal and public life are two sides of the same coin. A new trailer also revealed Yuri Lowenthal (NieR: Replicant, Spider-Man, Naruto and more) as the voice of his namesake.

One Spirit follows Yuri Danilin, a 18-year-old student. He is disenchanted with life who returns to Nevilyovsk, his hometown. All after finishing secondary education in the capital city. Then news of a young local activist disappearing spreads through the town. So now Yuri finds himself at the center of a dangerous game of truths. Due to push the whole country to the edge.


  • Uncover a deep and engaging story, set in an original One Spirit world where the Iron Curtain hasn’t fallen. Inspired by real events and reflections on them. Taking on the bleak feel of a war too long fought.
  • See the world through the eyes of 6 main characters and 7 secondary ones — unique personalities, deep and richly written. Taking pliace set in a path of self discovery and self affirmation. All in a world that has robbed them of a future.
  • Put together the truth of a fragmented reality. Each character has their own view and way of life. Explore them at will and draw your own conclusions.
  • Take part in a philosophical journey about human nature, sentiment, struggle, society and life. With roots in modern critical theory. One Spirit includes aspects of psychoanalysis and existentialism.
  • Decide carefully how to spend your time in Nevilyovsk. Since time is a limited resource and your everyday choices will determine the path you follow.
  • Explore more than 30 different environments to reveal new details, points of view and events.
  • Delve into six different subplots branching from the main story. Each involving their own arcs and mechanics.
  • Dive into this decadent One Spirit world. All through a high quality art style that evokes the melancholic, nostalgic, decadent feel of the world.
  • Feel the essence of this decadent, tragic story and its protagonists in a beautiful original soundtrack. Thanks to Álvaro Portabales.

One Spirit coming-of-age visual novel is due to launch the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on July 6th. next summer to help finance the game, Scheduled for a full release in Q2 2022 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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