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One Step From Eden a deckbuilding Demo

one step from eden deckbuilding action roguelike demo linux mac windows pc games

One Step From Eden deckbuilding games Linux, Mac and Windows PC demo is worth playing. Thanks to developer Thomas Moon Kang. With a live Demo for Linux that is worth playing.

Since One Step From Eden is not due to release until 2020. With an already successful Kickstarter. The games demo is certainly worth playing. And seeing we have a Linux build. It’s time to share the love. Check it out on Gamejolt or on Steam.

One Step From Eden combines strategic deckbuilding. Along with real time action with roguelike elements. So you can cast powerful spells on the fly. While battling evolving enemies. Then collect game changing artifacts. Making friends or make enemies. While you make it one step from Eden. The last shining beacon of hope in a bleak post war world.
You can also fight alone or with a friend in co-op. Leading your character down a path of mercy or complete ruin.

One Step From Eden – Demo Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Deckbuilding with 200+ spells. Also 100+ game-changing items
  • Action deckbuilding, a blend of bullet hell action and card game strategy
  • 8+ Playable characters and Bosses
  • Life or death choices with alternate runs and endings
  • Unique evolving enemies that get ingeniously more difficult
  • Procedurally generated worlds and battles
  • Local co-op and PvP for One Step From Eden
  • Full controller and keyboard & mouse support
  • Steam Workshop & mod support

Development started in April 2016. Thomas Moon Kang, also a huge fan of Faster than Light. Including Nuclear Throne and other roguelikes.
The deckbuilding mechanics progress just works really well. At least after Kang figured out the prototype. So that players could use cards in real time. Making the demo well worth playing.

One Step From Eden is not due to release until January 2020. The games obviously coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Releasing on Steam for sure. Until that time. If you have questions, check out the games Discord.

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