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One Step From Eden Kickstarter a success

one step from eden kickstarter a success in linux mac windows games

One Step From Eden games Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Window ends in success. Raising $70,000 and nearly hitting all Stretch Goals. With the full release of the game coming October 2019 on Steam.

So now that the Kickstarter for One Step From Eden ends. The games Demo is still live. For those eager to explore the strategic deckbuilding. Along with realtime action complete with roguelike elements. While using hundreds of spells and items. Working to discover powerful synergies and combos. All to make it to Eden.

One Step From Eden features fast paced bullet-hell-esque action. Along with strategic deckbuilding. Which is also similar to Slay the Spire. While the full release is scheduled in Q4 of 2019.

In One Step From Eden, players jump into a war-torn landscape. So they have to fight their way to Eden. This means using an ever expanding deck of spells. Blazing fast combat and strategic deckbuilding. All to make a one of a kind experience.

Crafting new decks from over 200+ spells in One Step From Eden. All with unique synergies. Using mechanics like Frost, Fragile, Push, Equip, Poison, Consume, and much more. Presenting a blend of bullet hell action and card game strategy. So gameplay will challenge your skill and your wits.

Among other stretch goals it had also hit $35,000. So developer Thomas Moon Kang can recruit composer Michael ‘Garoad’ Kelley. Creating a few guest tracks in the original soundtrack.

One Step From Eden Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The Free Demo is available. But only for Mac and Windows. Also worth playing via Wine on Linux.

Full game Features:

  • Deckbuilding with 200+ spells & 100+ game-changing items
  • Action deckbuilding, a blend of bullet hell action and also card game strategy
  • 8+ Playable Characters and Bosses
  • Unique evolving enemies in One Step From Eden
  • Procedurally generated worlds and battles
  • Steam Workshop & mod support

Since it’s a pleasure to see the One Step From Eden Kickstarter close with success. I’m looking forward to the games release this October on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So congratulations Thomas Moon Kang!!!

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