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Oneiric and Humble FrozenBundle don’t play

I bought and played the latest FrozenBundle from the Humble Indie Bundle folks and had a blast playing the games on my Ubuntu 11.04 installation. However the games do not install on Ubuntu 11.10. For example when I try to install Trine this is what I get.

./ error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I found the following tid-bits on a discussion at the Frozenbyte forums:

from one of the developers:

Sounds quite serious. We’ll have to look into this, obviously if the new Ubuntu breaks the installer completely then that’d be good to get fixed earlier…

Can’t promise any ETA right now though, but hopefully won’t take too long (e.g. before Oneiric release).

suggestion from a board member:

It seems that libglade has no multiarch support, it’s mainly a shared library packaging issue, but we are too late in debian and ubuntu developpement cycle to ask for a fix. Is there any alternative to request request repackaging this library to get this installer (and game) to run in Oneiric ?

The problem was originally reported on the 30th of September and the developer responded in under 12 hours. While they do not have a solution yet, I am impressed with the responsiveness of the Frozenbyte team.

So, if you are a Humble Indie Bundle buyer and are struggling with running your Frozenbyte games an updated installer and game may be on the way. You can also look at the Askubuntu question regarding this issue to see if there are work arounds.


I found a link to the packages for Ubuntu (64bit) and downloaded the libglade-2.0 package. I then opened the .deb package with the Archive Manager and put the file in the /usr/lib folder. This allowed me to install Trine and play the game. The other titles still did not work including Frozen Synapse which I had been enjoying playing.

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