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Online play is to be added to the Linux distro management simulation game ‘Linux Tycoon’.

“In the coming days you’ll be able to compete against other Linux Distros around the world, in real-time,” the developer, Bryan Lunduke announced on the Linux Tycoon webpage. “Making Linux Tycoon the worlds first MMOLDBSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Linux Distro Building Simulation Game).”

The online feature will appear in an update due ‘in the coming days’ – so if you anyone already own the game keep a look out for it.

Online gameplay will be subscription free – if you’ve bought the game you’re entitled to play – and the current ‘single player mode’ will remain available for those not wanting to play against others.

In addition, Lunduke will also be release ‘Linux Tycoon Server’ for free. This will enable players to run their own “world” independent of the ‘official’ online server.


Whilst* the game is in beta it can be purchased for $4. This price will be higher once the game is out of testing.

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