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Open beta begins for epic celestial adventure game Starbound

Starbound adventure game

One of the most hyped PC games of the latter half of 2013 enters open beta today. It’s called Starbound, and if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve not been keeping up on your gaming news. It’s a #2D adventure #sandbox game where you play as a lost, space-faring citizen who has just crashed on a mysterious planet. It’s up to you to explore, adapt and, most importantly, #survive.

Starbound adventure game

The neat thing about Starbound is that you can do essentially whatever you want and there’s no right or wrong way to play it. If you want to dig a hole in the ground and scavenge only the supplies you need to survive day-to-day, you can do it. If you want to craft weapons and become a murderous assassin, you can do it. Or if you want to simply explore the infinite number of procedurally generated worlds, you can do that too.

Starbound adventure game

Since the game isn’t in full release mode yet, there are a few different tiers of support that will get you into the game’s beta and eventually the retail version, the cheapest of which starts at US $15. That is a pretty stellar deal considering the wealth of content, not to mention the fact that the Mac release is getting the same treatment as the Windows and Linux versions. Hooray for gaming equality!

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