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Open Game Benchmarks site launches for Linux gamers to create and post

Open Game Benchmarks is a new website that just launched dedicated to benchmarks for Linux games.

The Linux benchmarking area highlights new titles as we focus on Linux gaming news.
The system only supports games from Steam for Linux, giving they are big enough and high profile Linux titles to be on it. Which is hard to argue, but we have hope things will open up a bit more in future to include a wider range of titles.

“In the last few years, there has been a remarkable increase of video games available for Linux; small and big, indies and AAA companies are showing more interest in this Operating System every day, and today we can enjoy games such as The Witcher 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Civilization V on Linux. More and more developers are launching their games on Windows and Linux simultaneously.
Gaming on Linux has always been present, but the interest that Valve showed in this platform is surely playing an important role in the current rising trend. As of today (January 2016), more than 1500 titles [over 1900] are available on Steam that support Linux. With this in mind, the Open Game Benchmarks database was created, with the goals of having a comprehensive resource of game performances on Linux, and providing comparison information between Linux and Windows, as a tool to push developers and porters to provide a comparable performance on the two systems.”

They also plan to open source once cleaned up, “rhe source will be posted in its entirety on GitHub, once it is clean enough.”

The layout is simple and straight forward, very clean and to the point, coming loaded with visually appealing graphs for each game. Which is great and just what Linux gaming needs a more comprehensive outlet for players. Plus with the upcoming release of Vulkan, this will be every so important for PC gamers looking to make the progression to Linux.


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