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I am working on an open source RPG game. It is in extremely early development at the moment, here is a link to my blog :

I will continually update the blog with all of the source code, past and present. It is not a serious game project, I am making it up as I go along, it is meant to be an example of how the code for a game grows and develops with time. Hopefully people who are just learning to code (I still am myself) can use the project to learn and help them on their way to making their own games.

It is completely written in Java, there is a built jar in the download link:

The download should take moments and its ready to go with a double click! WARNING: I have done all the artwork so far (and I’m colourblind :S)


The map will be randomly generated each game;
There will be certain structures within the map which are carefully generated to allow for a fixed storyline each game;
The player will be able to level up skills, as opposed to having 100 different types of, for example sword, they can find or buy;


Do as you wish, edit the code to your hearts desire, draw as many weapons, tools, map tiles as you want and email me the changes you have made, with a link to your website and your name, so I can add you to the credits. Even if I don’t add your contributions I will still add you to the credits if I feel you still deserve it
email me at [email protected],

The artwork should be light and cartoony, without too much detail. Think pokemon/minecraft/zelda(gameboy version)

If you want to help and you want to have a better idea of what needs doing, email me with which area you would like to help in and I can brainstorm ideas with you, and we can decide exactly how a particular feature should work. As opposed to someone submitting some great code which they spent hours on, which doesn’t fit with my vague idea of what should be !

Thanks for the interest 😀

Sebastian Troy

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