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OpenMandriva opens new portal for Linux gamers to play Windows titles


OpenMandriva Games is a new portal #available online for English users and for Brazilian Portuguese as well. At the first look, the portal contains a collection of #tutorials aimed at teaching new OpenMandriva Linux users how to #install various games.

The OpenMandriva website outlines, “Our idea in this blog is provide tutorials to run the most popular Windows Games in Open Mandriva Linux.
Whenever possible we will give tips on how to perform the same procedure in other Linux distributions.”
These are not only detailed installation instructions for some popular Windows games, but fixes for known issues reported by users. And the community members behind the project are looking for feedback from the community to list more titles for the portal.

The games currently available are some of the most popular, including Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends (Windows PC), Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Heroes of Newerth, Minetest, Alien Swarm (Windows PC), Gear UP, and Hearthstone (Windows PC). Upon clicking any one of the selected titles will present a user with in-depth installation instructions.
The team have also covered the distro’s own in-house method on how to install Steam for Linux on OpenMandriva. Which is a pleasure to see the client nicely integrated into their own repository.

From what we understand, the OpenMandriva team behind the Games portal is looking to add support for more titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft (Windows PC), Sword Coast Legends, and Heroes of the Storm (Windows PC). Some of which will be available through Steam for Linux, others with the PlayOnLinux and Wine API.


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