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Operation Citadel WW2 strategy still going strong

operation citadel ww2 strategy still going strong on linux gaming mac and windows pc

Operation Citadel WW2 strategy still going strong on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Valentin Lievre. Who has removed the build in favour of Steam. And rightly so, there are some epic reviews.

Operation Citadel is a cross platform multiplayer turn based strategy game. Which also happens to take place in WW2. Releasing back in March 2020, there are now 95% Positive reviews on Steam. Players putting in anywhere from 6hrs of gameplay to 115hrs.

This may also be linked to the game covering ALL fronts of the second world war. Along with a powerful editor, so you can recreate almost any conflict. Featuring 900 unit types, numerous campaigns, huge maps, and a complete suite of editors.

Here’s the developer explanation about Operation Citadel:

Hi I’m Valentin, young French developer of 21 years old. I started this game in December 2019 from scratch after playing my first wargame for a couple of hours. Working alone on it with my brother, who’s responsible for the art.

Operation Citadel has been developed by Valentin Lievre within a year. Which is impressive, since this is his very first war game. Plus he also believes that DLC’s should be part of the base game. So instead of having to buy additional content, it’s all included with regular updates. All while offering up a Free Demo with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam.

Operation Citadel official game trailer


  • Worldwide online multiplayer (soon on mobile too).
  • Over 900 units
  • Customizable units (Rockets, bombs, drop tank, torpedo, trucks, half tracks, horses etc)
  • The rank and experience system for the units, and the player
  • Any country you want to play
  • A unit editor (Create or modify any unit you want)
  • Plus a tile editor (create or modify any tile you want)
  • Even a country editor (Create any country you want)
  • A Operation Citadel map editor allowing you to recreate any battle of your choice. So up to 300 x 300 hexes and above if your PC can handle it
  • Including a fully functional steam workshop. Since this lets you upload your work and download others
  • Easy modding.
  • Customizable strategic map.
  • A whole entire Europe map
  • An entire Pacific map
  • An entire Eastern front map
  • Campaign for major countries in Operation Citadel. Including a core unit system. Likewise, you can keep units between scenarios
  • Supply line mechanics (Optional)
  • Blowing up or repairing bridges mechanics
  • Diving / going to surface, and spotting mechanics with submarines
  • Retreat, surrender, capture mechanics
  • Morale mechanics (Optional)
  • Season mechanics + weather mechanics + clouds (Optional)
  • There is also no time limit to complete scenarios. That is, if you don’t want to
  • Daily, or almost updates
  • Complete guide on Steam while coming with official tutorials on youtube

Operation Citadel WW2 strategy still going strong. A true cross platform multiplayer turn based strategy available on Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD. Since the game comes with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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