Linux Gaming News release date and support plans release date and game support plans for linux with windows pc release date and support plans for the game on Linux with Windows PC. All due to recent details from developer LAB132. Gearing up for a release on both Steam and GOG.

After a successful open beta,‘ gets a full release date on April 21st. While offering a brand new gameplay trailer. Delivering further details about Linux support going forward.

We don’t have plans to have Linux support upon launch of the game.

However, we are strongly looking into supporting the Steam Deck with a dedicated linux version. Once we get our hands on one. This is by no means a promise that it will ever exist, as we need to investigate this option first.

LAB132 has a plan for on Linux. The developer is also looking at offering a native version, not just Proton. You can see the comment for yourself via Steam. On top of that, the game is developed in Unreal Engine 4. Plus you can also drop some Tux Love and offer your support for station building and management game.

ORBIT IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS is a strategic space station building game. Also created by space fans, for space fans. Jump into 3 modes: Campaign with missions set in the orbit of far flung alien worlds. Endless mode where resources are limited but time is not. Or Creative mode where you can let your creativity run wild in the orbital sandbox with no limits. | Gameplay Trailer

Build, install and redesign your station to your ideal. Doing so in a full 3D view taking advantage of the amazing visuals provided by Unreal Engine 4. Take in your orbital creations in 360 degrees. While zooming in and out to marvel at its beauty. Look at the amazing star constellations, nebulas, and planets. Which the development team spent weeks working on to provide the right in-game look. All so you can get a proper view of the endless galactic horizon.

Monitor and set up production cycles, resources, and their distribution. Focus either on being efficient or yield. Controlling and developing your skills as a master planner and manager in But with an abstract layout system resembling a circuit board to help you design the best connections, nooks, and crannies. All due to make your station an amazing engineering success! Want to focus on making your station yield the biggest profit in the most efficient way possible. Maybe create an structural wonder in zero gravity? The choice is yours!


  • Full 360 degrees, 3D view of an orbital station within Unreal Engine 4
  • An abstract 2D stylized view of management cycles and resource planning
  • 3 Gameplay Modes: Campaign, Creative and Endless
  • 54 Modules varieties to build and design your station with
  • A technological tree to explore and expand station building and management game will arrive April 21st. Due to arrive on Windows PC, then hopefully Linux too. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam and GOG. Share that Tux Love too.

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