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Order from Caos the indie RPG is Verified

order from caos indie rpg game is an epic tale that is now verified on steam deck and linux via proton with windows pc

Order from Caos indie RPG game is an epic tale that is now Verified on Steam Deck and Linux via Proton, with Windows PC. This is the result of the hard work and dedication of the team at White Vortex Games. Available on both Steam and itch.

I’ve got some great news to share about a game I’ve been following. It’s called Order from Caos and it just got its official Steam Deck badge. If you’re into RPGs and own the handheld.

Since Steam Deck is such an awesome portable console that lets you play your favorite Linux games on the go. And getting Verified? That’s like getting a gold star! It means Order from Caos runs very smooth on the handheld, so you can expect a fantastic experience.

Now, about Order from Caos. The development is done by White Vortex, a team who make games that are not just fun but also immersive. They focus a lot on quality and creativity, which you can see in their titles. They’ve made four so far, including “Hidden Shelter” and “Backroom Beyond”. But it’s Order from Caos that’s still has everyone talking right now.

Here’s why this news is so exciting. This also means the title has been tweaked and polished to work perfectly on the handheld. That’s great for players like us who like diving into new worlds wherever we are – on a bus, at the park, or just chilling at home.

Game Trailer: Order from Caos

Oh, and there’s more! White Vortex also released Order from Caos 2 on Steam in 2023. It’s got a whopping 100 achievements on Steam! Even though it’s not verified yet, it works great on the Steam Deck too. So, if you’re into RPGs and have a thing for collecting achievements, you’re going to have a blast with it. Available for $14.99 USD / £12.79 / 14,79€.

Let’s talk a bit about White Vortex. They’re all about creating titles that are not just fun to play, but also really draw you in. They’re eager to make sure players have the best time, and getting the Verified badge is proof of that. It shows they’re serious about making sure their games work well on the latest gadgets.

So, what does all this mean for us? It means we can look forward to better experiences with titles that are not just great to play but also work great on the devices we prefer. Order from Caos indie RPG is ready to play on your Linux handheld, and it’s just a download away on Steam and itch including a Steam code. And its only $4.99 USD / £4.29 / 4,99€. Along with Linux support with Proton via Windows PC.

Keep an eye out for what White Vortex does next. They’ve got some serious skills in making games that are a blast to play. And with their commitment to quality, I’m sure we can expect more impressive creativity from them in the future.