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Orphan 2D sci-fi platformer debuts on Linux

orphan 2d sci-fi platformer debuts in linux mac games

Orphan is a 2D sci-fi platformer debuts on both Linux and Mac. All thanks to indie developer Windy Hill. The games new builds launch on both Steam and GOG.

Windy Hill also highlights the release on Linux and Mac in the last Steam update. This is a huge, but we did release news about the stealth platformer receiving support. So it’s a pleasure to see the studio launching the game not to far after Windows debut.

The 2D sci-fi indie platformer Orphan now adds support for Mac OSX and Ubuntu.

The gameplay of Orphan follows a young boy who may be the last survivor of an alien invasion. While under the cover of night, he ventures out in search of other life. Also seeking revenge against the machines that have taken over the Earth.

Orphan 2D sci-fi platformer Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Orphan is takes place in Appalachia, with an army of machines. Although the silhouette graphics may remind some of the puzzle platformer Limbo. Yet Orphan emphasises action and adventure. While featuring an array of alien weaponry, enemies and giant boss battles.

The gameplay itself is one of true adventure. Players will stray into the dystopian environment with a unique insight into what may come. Also make sure you use your campfire wisely. Since this is your save point in game. This is a very unique take on what you might expect with Limbo. With a better backstory and more use of objects to help aid in your request. Sorry… no more spoilers.

For those who do no know, Orphan is the development efforts of one man. Hence the mighty studio, Windy Hill is in Tennessee, while published by 2Dimensions. Who are also developers of animation software including Nima and Flare.

Orphan is priced at $14.99 USD on Steam and GOG in 9 different languages. The games now debuts on both Linux and Mac. However the games also working well via a Proton using Steam Play.

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