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Orphan stealth platformer and native support

orphan 2d stealth platformer and linux support

Orphan is a 2D platformer that blends stealth and action gameplay for Windows, but also coming to Linux and Mac. Including an alien apocalypse storyline in an Appalachian setting. Coming to both Steam and GOG.

Linux Support:

“I’m hoping to get Linux/Mac support going relatively soon after the PC release, it’s simply a matter of me being a first-time developer and learning as I go.”

Orphan development uses Game Maker:Studio. Recently adding support for Playstation and XBox One. Developer Windy Hill is eager to issue a Linux and Mac release post launch. There is no time frame yet. Since the studio wants to ensure a playable port.
But I can personally confirm the game works now via Steam Play. This also includes controller support.

The gameplay itself bears influences from Limbo to Another World. Featuring one remaining survivor of an alien invasion. Orphan takes place in the “deep dark hills of Eastern Kentucky.” Though the visual style is very close to Limbo.

Orphan Launch Trailer (Windows, Linux, Mac)

The gameplay is technically a “metroidvania” action platformer. Featuring plenty of weapon-play, power-ups and boss battles, some of which appear in the the new official launch trailer.

Orphan is set in Appalachia and stars a young boy. Who also appears to be the lone survivor of an invasion of Earth by an army of machines. Though the silhouette graphics Orphan emphasizes action and adventure, featuring an array of alien weaponry, enemies and giant boss battles.

Since development is a one-man studio Windy Hill. Which came to be after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015.
For more information, check out the game’s Steam page.

Just in time for Halloween, the dark, sci-fi indie 2D stealth platformer Orphan will launch on October 31st on Steam and GOG. Since I can confirm the game works at a Platinum level using Proton. Those eager to play at launch will be able to dive into the creepy action.

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