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Orten Was The Case mystery to get a port

orten was the case mystery puzzle game to get a port for linux with windows pc

Orten Was The Case mystery puzzle game to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to further details and support from developer Woodhill Interactive. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Orten Was The Case is a mystery puzzle game taking place in a fictional Stockholm suburb. Which is now entering an invite only beta in order to collect feedback and gameplay data. Those keen to test Orten themselves should visit Orten’s Steam page to sign up. Since testing only runs until November 11th on Windows PC. Although Proton is a solid option, should you choose.

I’m developing Orten Was The Case in Unity game engine.
With that said, of course, I want to do a Linux version also.

So the part that may be missing here, Woodhill Interactive will focus on Windows PC first. Since the studio is a one-man show, all good things take time. Due to the Switch and PS4 / PS5 port coming first. But, since Unity 3D is being used for development, a Linux port should likely be straight forward. But first, check out the trailer below.

Orten Was The Case – Announcement Trailer

Orten Was The Case is a single player, lore driven, detective / puzzle adventure game. One that also offers a time-loop mechanic and is the brainchild of smash hit It Takes Two’s lead animator, Oskar Thuresson. Thuresson also contributed to the teams behind Brothers and A Way Out. Orten Was The Case draws influences from Thuresson’s upbringing in the suburbs of Stockholm. Primarily featuring local settings and graffiti culture in its striking art style.

Ziggy wakes up in a blackout haze in the fictional Swedish suburb ‘Orten’. Then quickly discovers he’s caught in a time loop. He’ll have to puzzle through each day in real-time to explore the ancient caves and tunnels. Those that are twisting beneath his neighborhood. All due to uncover millenia old mysteries, and in the end, save his city.

In Orten Was The Case, events unfold in real-time. While NPC’s carry out their routines over the course of repeating 12-minute days. These characters will repeat their behaviors in exactly the same way each day. Unless of course, you do something to alter their chance and change their path.

You’ll need to solve puzzles, make use of hidden passages and hiding spots. Talk with the various people of Orten. Someone, or something, must have the answers you seek…right?

Orten Was The Case mystery puzzle game is coming to Steam in a 2023 release. Gearing up to offer a Windows PC build, but also aiming at Linux. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Maybe even sign up to join the Closed Beta.

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